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intermedium is a network for media art. intermedium combines festival events and broadcasts in the media of radio and the World Wide Web. Organizationally intermedium is based at Bayerischer Rundfunk and is being realized in collaboration with cultural institutions, media centres, theatres and public broadcasting corporations.

intermedium is interdisciplinary and sees itself as an initiative of radio to try out artistic cooperations with other media and arts; in addition to the developing and presenting of artistic projects, intermedium is involved in the debate on technical-artistic matters and on media and cultural policy. The topics are: electronics as a lifestyle, the everyday routine of intermedia, cyber modernity, media totality, the interaction between art and media, pop culture, industry and piracy, media convergence, network art and art in the age of globalization, the information society.

Since January 2000 the label intermedium records has published new and historical radio plays and soundtracks whose content is connected with the initiative or its theme.


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