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Sparks / Alexander Hacke / Merzbow / FX Randomiz / Loopspool /
Chrislo / Kid 606 / Zentralflughafen / Peter Rehberg / Lesser

one word one sound


Electronic music increasingly functions like the philosopher's stone: with the right equipment any sound can be generated from any other sound. But the sample as initial material has not been rendered superfluous. Even if it disappears completely behind alienation and variation, it acts as an acoustic starting point which gives a piece its first decisive impulse.

A word and a sound recording lasting seconds are the only two items which are given as set in the one word one sound project initiated by Bayerischer Rundfunk / Radio Drama and Media Art Department together with intermedium records. Ten musicians and media artists have been invited to create audio compositions based on the given samples. The words are taken from readings, radio plays and performances, using the voices of the authors. The word lebensfehler, for example, originates from a reading by Friederike Mayröcker, the word survivor from a reading by Raymond Federman. The sounds were recorded in the studio for radio drama of the Bayerische Rundfunk - a sheet of paper, the usual medium for writing or composition, was screwed up, torn, rolled or made audible in other ways. These were the set elements. The development and form of the pieces was left to the discretion of the musicians and media artists.

The invitation to participate in the project is not based on arbitrary actionism. It rather is linked to various different traditions. On the one hand the concept refers to the one word poems of literary modernism and to serial texts such as those created by the American poet Robert Lax. Robert Lax himself is represented with the word waiting. On the other hand the set elements refer to the tradition of minimalist concepts. A third line comes from the producers themselves: here, invitations based on different set acoustic elements are the relevant tradition. Finally, the soundstories / materialmeeting (intermedium rec. 005) were also created on a similar basis. This time, the intention is to offer maximum scope for the individual creation of the pieces by using minimal set elements.

Herbert Kapfer / Julian Doepp

1 word: kakadu (Richard Huelsenbeck)
sound: snip paper
2 artist: Sparks (5'15)

3 word: wendekreis (Raoul Schrott)
sound: fold paper
4 artist: Alexander Hacke (5'14)

5 word: waiting (Robert Lax)
sound: push paper into waves
6 artist: Merzbow (7'01)

7 word: eierschalfarbenes (Thomas Meinecke)
sound: roll paper
8 artist: FX Randomiz (5'42)

9 word: wohnzimmer (Kathrin Röggla)
sound: rub paper
10 artist: Loopspool (7'53)

11 word: nacht (Albert Ostermaier)
sound: screw up paper
12 artist: Chrislo (5'36)

13 word: speak (Amiri Baraka)
sound: tear paper
14 artist: Kid 606 (5'57)

15 word: lebensfehler (Friederike Mayröcker)
sound: pull paper
16 artist: Zentralflughafen (7'45)

17 word: survival (Raymond Federman)
sound: rub paper edge
18 artist: Peter Rehberg (5'29)

19 word: laut (Valeri Scherstjanoi)
sound: cut paper
20 artist: Lesser (5'06)

intermedium rec. 012
ISBN 978-3-939444-13-8
Very few CDs left
20.- €


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