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Andreas Ammer / Sebastian Hess

Unser Oskar


Throughout his life, Oskar Graf did a lot to justify his reputation as an obstinate Bavarian. His brother forced him with blows out of his Upper Bavarian home in Berg on Lake Starnberg when he discovered that Oskar secretly read books. And so the young Graf went to Munich, gave himself the second name of Maria, had visiting cards printed bearing the words "Profession: Provincial Writer" and called to the women in the Bohemian scene to show: "More eroticism please!" In the 1st World War he made out he was stupid and had himself admitted to a lunatic asylum. In the Munich revolution he took to the barricades and later went for a meal with Adolf Hitler, leaving him to pay the bill. After 1933 he had only one request for him: "Burn me!" Graf only returned from his New York exile 13 years after the end of the war for a short visit to Bavaria. There he claimed in interviews he had refused in the previous decades to learn English. In Munich there was a scandal when the prodigal son had no desire to exchange his lederhose for finer garments for a gala performance in the revered Munich Cuvilliés Theatre. Today Oskar Maria Graf is regarded as one of the great Bavarian Writers.

Oskar Maria Graf, born on 22 July 1894 as the ninth child of master baker Max Graf and the farmer's daughter Therese, nee Heimrath. From 1906 he worked hard in the bakery, which had been taken over by brother Max on the death of their father. In 1911 he fled to Munich, joined up there with the Schwabing bohemian set and anarchist circles. In 1914 his first poem appeared in the journal 'Die Aktion'. In 1922, publication of the prose work 'Frühzeit' [Early Days]. 1924-33 numerous publications, readings on the radio, literary breakthrough with 'Wir sind Gefangene' [Prisoners All] (1928). From 1933 exile. Graf lived in New York until his death in 1968. Works include 'Eine gegen alle' [One Against All] (1932), 'Der harte Handel' [The Difficult Deal] (1935), 'Das Leben meiner Mutter' [Life of my Mother] (1946), 'Unruhe um einen Friedfertigen' [Agitations around a peaceful man] (1947).

Oskar Maria Graf - Sepp Bierbichler
Maria - Susanne Buchenberger
Hitler und Bürgermeister - Michael Tregor

Violoncello - Sebastian Hess
Klavier - Moritz Eggert
Gitarre und Loops - Ralph Beerkircher
und die Bachhauser Blasmusik

Musikalische Leitung: Sebastian Hess
Regie: Andreas Ammer

Ton: Stefan Briegel
Technik: Klaus Mau, Lucia Giessübel
Produktionsvorbereitung: Andrea Fenzl
Assistenz: Anja Scheifinger
Mitarbeit: Annegret Arnold
Mix: Mario Thaler, Andreas Ammer
Mastering: Michael Heilrath
Design: Daniel Kluge

Projektleitung: Bayerische Staatoper, Festspiel +, Cornel Franz
BR Hörspiel und Medienkunst, Katarina Agathos / Herbert Kapfer

Recorded at Cuvilliés-Theater, München
Uraufführung und Ursendung in Bayern2Radio 30. Juli 2003

2003© intermedium records
edited by Herbert Kapfer
Bayerischer Rundfunk / Hörspiel und Medienkunst
D-80300 Munich, Germany

intermedium rec. 018
ISBN 978-3-939444-19-0
Very few CDs left
20.- €


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